Brief History  

Thai Obayashi was established in 1974 by Obayashi Corporation of Japan along with four major shareholders, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, the Crown Property Bureau and Metro Group under the chairmanship of Sommai Hoontrakool. Thai Obayashi actually evolved from a small Obayashi Corporation's representative office in Bangkok, which was opened in 1964 for the supervision of the construction of AlA headquarters.


Since our founding, Thai Obayashi has aspired to be a pioneer in the Thai construction industry, with assistance from its parent company. Some of our earlier projects included laying of the first underground pipeline across the Chao Phraya river and the Bangkok Bank Silom Road headquarters, where we introduced the OWS foundation building technology in Thailand.


But to be a leader, unveiling of new construction technologies and methods is not enoungh and therefore since 1977, we have concentrated our energies on development of Thai human resources. Today, in fact Thai Obayashi can be called a Thai Construction company with many of our top management and engineering positions being held by locals.


Furthermore, to ensure our clients utmost satisfaction, Thai Obayashi is certified by the standard of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 for the Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety management system in Design as well as Building and Civil Construction.


Now, Thai Obayashi is also turning our attention to environmental protection and has adopted its global "Earth Friendly" policy. Our aim is to build in such a manner that creates perfect harmony between man and nature along with providing spaces and environments that will allow culture, economy and nature resources of Thailand to flourish so all can enjoy the best of the life for centuries to come.



1964 Obayashi Corp. began business activities in Thailand under the leadership of Shoji Shigeno. Commencement of construction of AlA Bldg. The first use of a protection sheet to prevent accidents in Thailand was widely acclaimed.
1966 Award of construction work of SEATO Headquarters and Japanese Embassy in Thailand.
1967 Dusit Thani Hotel project, a renowned landmark on Silom Road, started.
1968 Kenjiro Yoshino assumed directorship of Bangkok Representative Office.
1970 Completion of Sumitomo Thaniya Building as Thai Obayashi Corp., Ltd. "s Head Office.
1971 The largest projects completed were Toyota Motor Thailand, National Thai and Yakult (Thailand) factories.
1972 Major Projects completed were ESSO Building, West German Embassy, Royal Bangkok Sports Club and huge Chulaphon Dam for EGAT.
1974 Establishment of Thai Obayashi with Sommai Hoontrakool inaugurated as first chairman and Tadanao Murakami as President.
1977 Began sending Thai Obayashi staff annually for training at Obayashi in Japan. Sukeyoshi Morishita appointed Thai Obayashi president. Main woks of this year were MWWA Water tunnel and pump facility and factorires for Thai Suzuki Motor and Thai Otsuka Pharmaceutical.
1980 This year"s main project was the Bangkok Bank Head Office, introducing Thai Obayashi"s unique "OWS System" to Thailand.
1982 Suthasnradnakorn inaugurated as new Thai Obayashi Chairman and lehiro Matsui as President.
1984 10th Anniversary of Thai Obayashi Corp., Ltd. Construction of Minebea Thai, Ayutthaya factory, etc.
1986 Construction of Minebea Thai, Bangpa-in bearing & printer plants, etc.
1989 Sommai Hoontrakool reassumed Chairmanship of Thai Obayashi and Shigeo Takanashi was appointed President.
1991 Construction completed on Nantawan Bldg, Ratchadamri as Thai Obayashi"s new Head Office.
1995 The Bangkok"s latest remarkable construction, the Siam Commercial Bank Head Office (SCB Park Plaza) at Ratchayothin was completed this year.
1997 Major projects completed were Tripetch lsuzu Sales Service Center, Siam Discovery,Siam Tower, etc. Economic crisis. Depreciation of Thai Currency
2000 ISO 9001 certification for Thai Obayashi"s Quality Management System. Completion of 4 major branches of hyper market, the Tesco Lotus in Bangkok, etc.
1981 Thai Obayashi finished Official Residence of the Japanese Ambassador to Thailand and Obayashi completed Youth Welfare Center and Rice Seed Storage Laboratory Center.
2001 Major projects completed were the 5 stars JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Spa, Shinawatra University (a new international University of Thailand in Pathumtani), etc.
2003 Sompong Chintawongvanich appointed as the first Thai President. Completion of Thailand"s first underground subway MRT Chaloem Retchanongkhon line. Also, the construction of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok"s second international airport was under progress as per plans.
2004 30th Anniversary of Thai Obayashi Corp., Ltd. and 40th Anniversary of Obayashi Corporation since the first establishment in Thailand.
2005 Major projects completed was Siam Paragon, a remarkable world class shopping center in the heart of Bangkok.
2006 Major projects were the Boromratchasathit Maholan Throne Hall, Toyota Banpho Plant, and the Embassy of Japan.
2007 Major projects completed were Asia Center Office Tower and Anantara Resort & Spa in Phuket
2008 Major projects completed were Marriott Timeshare Phuket Phase 3, Anantara Resort. Obtined certification of ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System.
2009 Major projects completed were the Architect Council Office and Asian Stanley Phase 3.
2010 Major projects completed was the Bangkok University Landmark.
2011 Obtained certification of OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health & Safety management system. Sompong Chintawongvanich, appointed the first non-Japanese Executive Officer of Obayashi Corporation in Japan.
2012 Major projects completed were the Park Ventures Ecoplex (LEED Platinum Certified Building) and Amata Castle.
2013 Major projects completed were TMT Gateway Plant No. 2 and Canon Hi-Tech Phase 3
2014 Thai Obayashi 40th Anniversary and Obayashi 50th Anniversary in Thailand. Major projects included the AIA Sathorn Tower.
2015 First launch of Thai Obayashi Training Center in Chonburi. It is the first 'TOTAL CONSTRUCTION LEARNING CENTER' of Thailand.
2016 Major projects completed were FYI Centre and Sindhorn Residence.
2017 Major project completed was the SUPERNAP Thailand Data Center.